I know what he likes.

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i think mark ruffalo is my spirit animal you guise

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: Sarah Arthur costume design for Irene Adler in Sherlock, “A Scandal in Belgravia”.

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"Are you feeling exposed?"

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"Her long, elegant fingers closed around his wrist and, as simple as that, he disconnected from all other mental processes and revelled on the sensation the barest of her touches could bring to him, something dancing dangerously along the lines of menacing and erotic; a particular thrill that rarely, if ever, rushed through his veins, yet he’d come to associate directly with her enigmatic persona."
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They’re just constantly pushing each other’s buttons, and they make choices about how to handle that, and whether it’s to shock or to control…But, they see each other for who they really are. It’s a constant game. It’s like the best game of tennis that you could ever wish for, with two characters.” - Lara Pulver (x)

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Say my name !

#I will not forget comic con 2013 #never

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