Chimamamda Ngozi Adiche, We Should All Be Feminists

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if sirius black’s girlfriend never once took the opportunity to reply “yes” when someone asked her “are you fucking serious” i’m very disappointed in his choice of women

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"For my birthday they [Marvel] sent me the scarf that Loki wears in the trailer scene in Thor. Remember when he turns up in a nice suit and overcoat? He is wearing a scarf and so now I am in possession of my Loki scarf."

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my stripper chicken dances perfectly with this song

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stop making villains so attractive it makes me question my morals or what’s left of them anyway

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stop the world i wanna get off with you // arctic monkeys

well, i know that getting you alone isn’t easy to do
and i don’t wanna lie and i don’t wanna tell you the truth
and i know we got places to go, we got people to see
think we both ought put ‘em on hold and i know you agree

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